Walk In Closets Coronado

Whether by luck or by careful planning, you have a home with a walk in closet. Now the question is: how do you make the most of it? How do you take that gift of space and turn it into a room that accommodates your every storage need while at the same time offers an aesthetic that makes it a pleasure to enter every morning? California Closets has some ideas.

Relish the Luxury of Space with Walk In Closets Coronado

Maximize Your Space

Every inch of room in your closet is an opportunity and multiple hanging areas are just a start. Let’s begin with shoe fencing or racks, custom-built to your specifications.  Now let’s add adjustable shelving, tilt-out hampers, and additional racks for belts, ties and scarves.  Maybe even a center island for convenience or a pull-out full length mirror.  The options are as limitless as your imagination with the help of walk in closets Coronado. 

Just the Way You Like It

And while you’ll appreciate the increased function of your closet, you’ll cherish the look of it as well.  Decorative drawer faces for you to help design with braiding, fluting or perhaps rosettes.  Mix and match from a variety of colors and wood grains and complete your selections by consulting the extensive Finishes and Design Accents product sheets available.  It all starts with a phone call to set up a free consultation with one of the walk in closets Coronado specialists.

Indulge Yourself with Walk-In Closets Coronado

Coronado is Spanish for “the crowned one.”  Let the experts at California Closets turn your walk-in closet into the crowned jewel of your bedroom, offering a haven of function and beauty for you and your belongings.