Coronado Sliding Doors Change A Floor Plan

When you're drawing up floor plans for designing a room, you always have to be mindful of the area where a door swings. Though they prevent areas from being utilized and can disrupt the flow of the room, you have probably viewed these arcs as being simply necessary evils to contend with. With Coronado sliding doors added in to your new closet layout from California Closets, however, you'll be able to put every bit of your room's floor space into contention for use. While they improve functionality, they also are fully able to spice up a room on the aesthetic front.

Add Coronado Sliding Doors For Multiple Reasons

Getting Ready In The Morning

Closets are typically one of the first areas that you interact with upon waking up in the morning. If your wardrobe feels like it isn't laid out in a way that is conducive to your routine, you're not alone. Adding Coronado sliding doors will immediately increase visibility in this important space. You'll be able to survey more items, leave yourself more space to get ready, and, as is California Closets' method, we can even personalize this new aspect of your closet to include mirrors to help you look your best.

Surrounding Areas Available For Decorating

When doors are swinging open, the walls where the door would hit are off limits for decorating. This can also affects corners adversely. Coronado sliding doors can add aesthetic value alone, as they can be made from a number of different wood grains, while leaving you with new canvases to explore in your hunt to find the perfect room design. With a sliding door that opens up a corner beneath a window in the hallway, you could add a little table with a bouquet on top, both improving your storage capabilities and the presentation around it.