Custom Closets Coquitlam

Whether it’s as simple as a home-cooked dinner or as fancy as a wedding dress, it’s a special feeling when something is made especially for you. Enjoy that feeling every time you open your closet door by treating yourself to Coquitlam custom closets from California Closets.

The Coquitlam Custom Closet Way

There’s a reason great storage spaces aren’t readily created at the local hardware store or churned out on an assembly line.  Great storage spaces are the result of careful planning and attention to detail: the hallmarks of a Coquitlam custom closet.  The process begins with a precise measuring of your available storage area.  In all likelihood, your closet currently is severely underused, with precious inches of storage going to waste.  Next, your specific needs and preferences are assessed.  How do you like your clothes arranged?  What accessories do you use most often?  Do you anticipate your storage requirements changing much over the next twelve months?  Your input is crucially important in customizing the closet design and in creating the ideal closet to meet your needs, both now and in the future.

Looks Count

Your aesthetic input will come into play as well.  Almost as important as how a storage space functions is how it looks.  A well-designed, well-thought out closet doesn’t detract from the look of a home, but rather blends into your existing décor and personal style.  California Closets has spent years developing a wide assortment of materials, accents and finishes that help make any storage space a storage showcase.

Speak with a Coquitlam Custom Closets Representative

You deserve a storage space that is every bit as unique and special as you are.  Call or click for a free consultation today!