Coppell Garage Storage For Your Space

While their intentions are the same from home to home, garages are different from person to person. They are primarily built to keep a roof over the head of a very important investment--the car. But the garage has many uses, ranging from storage area to hobby space to gym, and depending on the level of organization present in the space, all of them can be achieved. To get just the uses you've been looking for out of your space, come in to California Closets to have a chat about adding a Coppell garage storage system to your home. We'll finely tune our customizable products to your needs and give you the tools to ensure that disorganization and clutter never play in to how you use your garage.

Storage Success With Your Name On It: Customized Coppell Garage Storage

Your Car Comes First

If your number one priority is the safety and the space for your car provided by your garage, we can certainly build around that goal. Your car is susceptible to tons of dings and dents when parked inside with the likes of bikes and boxes lurking around. Your Coppell garage storage system can provide you with the lane needed to not have to worry about opening your driver side door with extra shelves and closets that get those items that you're only using from time to time up off the floor. And we can even add a pulley system to keep your bikes elevated.

Stylish Addition

While you may not view your garage as an opportunity to improve your home's style, the Coppell garage storage systems at California Closets may do well to change your mind on that front! Have a look through some of our previous jobs to see just how unique each system is--you'll notice different wood grains, colors, and hardware that will set your garage apart from your neighbor's.