Office Storage in Columbus

Looking for the best home office storage solutions in Columbus? Look no further. California Closets Columbus offers a unique array of home office storage products and systems to ensure that you'll never misplace an important paper again.

Home Office Storage Tips from California Closets

Loose papers away! Loose papers and small items are the biggest challenges in home office storage. How do you know what to file and what to keep handy? Talk to your California Closets design consultant about your options. They'll likely recommend a combination of filing cabinets and desk drawers with wall or desk-mounted caddies for papers you need quick and easy access to. For extra organization of other small items that might clutter up your desk, such as labels, note cards, and ribbons, use separate receptacles or a pretty three-tier basket. That way you'll keep the papers away from everything else on your desk.

Divide and conquer. Here's a shocker: Your home office storage does not have to be in your home office! Surprised? You shouldn't be. Most of the papers and equipment you are storing does not need to be within quick reach of your desk. And finding good storage spaces in other parts of your home is easy if you know where to look. Check out the kitchen, garage (if temperature is not an issue), basement, or even the master bedroom. Chances are, there are spaces for home office storage in places you never even knew you had.

Visibility is key. Many of your home office items can be safely stored out of sight. But there's a big benefit of keeping the things you use most in sight, for easy access. For instance, you can utilize the space around and behind your computer desk to hang small items like keys, bags, and scissors. A memo board for your calendar might also be helpful. But don't overdo it! Talk to your California Closets design consultant about what is important for you to keep visible -- without ruining the clean, aesthetic feel.

Next Steps

We hope you found these tips useful. Now it's time for the next step to creating the best home office storage solutions. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation with a California Closets Columbus home office storage specialist.