Custom Closets Columbus

At California Closets Columbus, we believe that the experience of designing and installing custom closets should exceed your expectations. With over 30 years of serving Central Ohio, this family-owned franchise is proud to represent the leading brand in the custom closets industry. We offer exemplary customer service, unique designs, and innovative storage solutions. Our custom closets are second to none!

But What Are Custom Closets?

Custom closets are a way of personalizing a conventional closet to fit your storage and accessibility needs. Standard closets usually comes with only a horizontal bar for hanging some garments and a few shelves for other items, such as sweaters and shoes. These conventional closets more often than not become areas of real chaos, and getting to the items you need becomes not only difficult, but often results in more chaos.

Custom closets change all of this. The contains well-ordered, nice-looking systems of storage boxes, shelves, drawers, hooks and racks that make your closet a well-organized storage area. With custom closets, your closet will be tidy and uncluttered, and it becomes easier to locate the items you need.

The best part about custom closets is that they are so, well, custom! Your personal taste, functionality – even the style of your Columbus home – all come into play when creating custom closets. Your California Closets Design Consultant can talk you through the choices and help you create the perfect custom closets to suit your specific needs and preferences.

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