In Good Hands With Our Closet Organizers

With a unique combination of experience, talent and devotion to our customers, the closet organizers and designers of California Closets Columbus are the first choice of Ohio homeowners when they are seeking to tackle home storage challenges. The professional closet organizers at California Closets Columbus have a unique perspective on the storage and design needs of Ohio residents; we’ve been serving the area for over 30 years.

Why Choose California Closets?

Our People
California Closets design consultants are truly the best, and will use their expertise to provide you with the very best in closet organizers. In addition, most of our designers and installers have been with us for a long time. What does that mean to you? It means you're going to be helped by people who truly care about your design and storage needs.

Local Focus
We believe in local! All of California Closets Ohio products are manufactured in our local Cleveland plant, and our closet organizers are specialized in serving the needs of Ohio residents, with particular emphasis on the kinds of homes and interior spaces most common to the Midwest.

Open Scope
At California Closets Columbus, we know no limits other than those of your own budget, time, and preferences. Unlike many closet organizers, we are experts in both closet customization as well as storage and design solutions for other areas of your home. Our wide array of products spans bedrooms, children’s rooms, garages, and offices - everything you need to rethink your space and remove the clutter from your life. With our design expertise, we can create a variety of closet organizers for entryways, entertainment areas, wine bars, and libraries – so don’t limit your imagination to your closet!

The Best Closet Organizers in Columbus

With the help of our closet organizers and custom closet solutions, you will be able to get your closet under control and enjoy and utilize every inch of its unique space for your clothing and storage needs.

Schedule a private design consultation with a California Closets Columbus closet organizer today.