Closet Design for Columbus Homes

Need a little help with closet design? At California Closets, we believe that storage and closet design go hand in hand. Our closet designs are made to integrate seamlessly into whatever theme fits you best.

A Closet Design Guide

Like personalities, there are an infinite number of closet design themes you can choose from. Below are just a few:

The Romantic
Is your bed draped in a soft, gauzy canopy? Your closet design could match that romantic feeling! Add some romantic spice to your closet design by using accents of white lace on the armoire in your walk-in, or put your collection of silky scarves on display.

The Color Junkie
Are you just crazy about color? If you have colorful bedding (think bright orange or green) or a bold wall color, you might want your closet design to incorporate color as well. One way to stand apart is to choose colors that aren't usually put together. Talk to your California Closets design consultant about your "mismatch" ideas, and get input from them on how to make your closet design more colorful.

The Eco-Sleeper
Do you use organic bedding and eco-products to make your home free from synthetic fabrics and chemicals? California Closets offers a number of eco-products as part of our collection.

The Ultra-Modern
Does your bedroom have a chic, modern feel? Your closet design can too! Create a haven of modernity in your Columbus closet. Your design consultant will help you choose a combination of whites, beiges, and grays throughout, and we will help you create a simple, modern look.

Fit for Royalty
Be inspired by the extravagance of medieval bedrooms. Use dark textiles and midnight-themed colors in your closet design, offset by golden tones and golden Baroque accents. Done right, your closet will look fit for a king and queen.

Get Started

Whatever your closet design preference, it is important that your closet be well designed and well organized. Creating a peaceful, ordered closet will give you the freedom to spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with a California Closets Columbus closet design specialist to get started on creating your perfect closet.