Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Columbus

Guest rooms present a unique challenge; while they're not being used, that space is essentially going to waste, but it is always nice to offer guests and family a comfortable place to stay. Many choose to go for the "convenience" of air beds while sacrificing quality, while some choose to struggle with hauling a spare mattress out of the garage when the time comes. Make these scenarios a thing of the past while still promising versatility out of the spare room and a restful night's sleep for your guests with wall beds Columbus from California Closets. Able to be folded up into a space-saving and visually-enhancing closet system, our Murphy beds Columbus are sure to be the saving grace your home has been after.

Wall Beds Columbus: Comfort And Convenience

Guest Room Versatility

The spare room has the freedom to operate under many different titles. With the help of Murphy beds Columbus, comfortable guest room can certainly be one of them, along with many other things. If you've been hoping to craft a space to do some yoga, or perhaps have a fold-out table for crafts or board games, your guest room can satisfy your needs before turning into the bedroom you need it to be for your friends and family.

Easy To Operate

Our wall beds Columbus are not your standard fold out beds that come complete with a 20 minute unfurling process. These Murphy beds Columbus fold down from the wall in a simple motion that allows anyone to prepare the room. With this technology, you won't have to dread getting a bed setup for your guests.

Folded Up Stylishly

When your wall beds Columbus are not in use, they fold easily into a stylish and aesthetically-attractive closet system that has a variety of uses on its own. With customizable shelves, drawers, and cabinets all at the ready, you can keep an organized home while concealing the ability to house more people!

Murphy Beds Columbus To Alleviate The Stresses

Don't focus or worry on where your guests will sleep--solve the problem long-term with wall beds Columbus from California Closets. We're ready to get you going with a free in-home design consultation!