Garage Storage Columbus

It's an all-too-common scene--pulling into the garage, having to slowly creep out of the driver's side door for fear of banging it on a bike, and having to then weave through a maze of boxes loaded with sporting equipment and holiday decorations. What this scenario presents is not only a frustrating waste of time, but also an incredible squandering of potential. Garages can be used for a multitude of activities, or none, depending on the degree of organization. Garage storage Columbus from California Closets aim to give you back this potential so that you and your family can truly utilize this versatile space.

Garage Storage Columbus: Bring Out The Best

Cabinet Construction

At California Closets, we build all of our units from scratch, so as to include the vision and needs of the customer in the final product. Your garage storage Columbus units can feature an array of cabinetry to keep your items elevated, organized, and easily accessible. Not only will these cabinets provide you with a clear path to your car, but they'll add a burst of color and flare to an area where there may have previously been none.

Safety First

If you've got children, their safety is of the utmost importance. Keeping them away from harmful chemicals and paints in the garage is essential, which is why your garage storage Columbus units can come equipped with padlocks and elevated shelves to ensure that everything is safe and secured away. This can also be the perfect place to store memorabilia and other valuables that can't fit within the home.

Bicycle Storage

Your garage is probably home to several bikes, which can be a cumbersome, frustrating area to maneuver around. Garage storage Columbus layouts can come complete with pulley systems to keep your wheels off of the ground, granting you more space for practical storage and preventing expensive dents and dings to your car.

Fully Equipped With Garage Storage Columbus

Outfit your garage with the tools you need to stay organized. Call California Closets Columbus today about your very own garage storage Columbus unit.