Wall Beds Columbia

As a locally-owned and operated Columbia business, we take our local design history and culture seriously. Not every Columbia resident knows that their city was designed by James Rouse who attempted to create an alternative to the disorganized sprawl of ever expanding suburbia. Rouse believed everything should be easily accessible and space should be maximized. One of our favorite offerings that reflect the James Rouse tradition are our custom wall beds.

The Columbia Wall Beds Professionals

While the homes of Columbia residents are diverse, most usually fail to maximize their home’s potential.  Adding a wall bed to your home can make a spare bedroom out of an office, add flexibility to a one-room studio or make a dynamic bedroom.  Our local Columbia wall beds professionals have years of shared experience to draw upon, giving them the unique ability to design the perfect solution for you. 

All of our local Columbia wall beds installations begin with a free in-home design consultation.  The consultation begins with an evaluation of the rooms in which you would like install a wall bed.  Secondly, your lifestyle and purpose of the wall will be evaluated to ensure the right model and design is chosen.  Lastly, our designers will return to the regional Columbia wall beds fabrication facility to finalize the design.

Once your wall bed is fabricated it will be brought to your home and installed as quickly as possible. It is our goal to make the process as streamlined and easy as possible so that your home life is not disrupted.  After the installation we find that new wall beds owners are very satisfied, most noting an increase in their home’s social life.  Never fear unexpected visits of friends and family again. Install a wall bed today!

The Wall Bed Company For Columbia Residents

Once you sign up for your free in-home design consultation we will welcome you into the California Closets experience.  We think our reputation for design and service will speak for itself from the start.