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California Closets Teams Up with DIY's Rescue Renovation

California Closets has teamed up with DIY's Rescue Renovation


Find out how the Home Owner saves his renovation with the help of California Closets and Rescue Renovation. The Episode will air November 15th at 9:00pm and 12:00am and November 22nd at 12:30am. 

Here is a sneak peek into the episode we have sponsored: 

The homeowner began renovating his 100-year-old church into a home about a year ago. His project was going along fine until he decided to partially demolish a wall in his bathroom and “pop the top,” to create more natural light. While doing this, our homeowner quickly hit a creative, mechanical, and spatial roadblock. He only has three walls in his master bedroom and uses a clothes rack to cover the opening. This old church still has the elevated alter, which is killing space. The homeowner would love to turn his guest bedroom, master bedroom, and bathroom into one giant master bedroom with a beautiful master bathroom complete with a custom master closet. Rescue Renovation & California Closets to the rescue!


In DIY Network's Rescue Renovation host Kayleen McCabe saves project-challenged homeowners who are in over their heads with their renovations. Kayleen points out exactly what went wrong and formulates a seven-day action plan to turn awful renovations into jaw-dropping rooms. For more information about the show visit: DIY Network- Rescue Renovation