Tammi Orazem, Design Consultant

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I believe my clients have the answers to their organization problems. I am just there to help facilitate these answers and creatively come up with the best solutions together.

As a daughter of the owners, I grew up with California Closets in my home, thereby forming an addiction to the products and all their benefits. Knowing how much California Closets makes a difference in my own life, I couldn’t wait to start working for them as a teenager back in 1997. I’ve worked for the Huntington Beach, CA & Denver, CO franchises in various departments and have been designing custom closets and storage systems since 2006.

I love the challenge of designing the best solutions possible for my customers based on their needs, wants, and space available. I also love knowing that I’ve helped to make a difference for the better in their lives by simplifying and organizing their homes.

California Closets offers a range of beautiful choices, but one of my favorites is our Lago line. I love the colors, textures, and eco-friendliness of the finishes. They create a contemporary feel and a great look.

“Good is the enemy of best.” – I don’t like to settle for anything less than the best in everything I do.