Ray Higginbotham, Design Consultant

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 Metro Denver and surrounding areas

For twenty-eight years, this has been my main career. At 71 years old, the reason I am still doing this is that my customers are great and they love the results of what we do - so I am still having fun after all these years!

I want to make life easier for my customers by using their space effeciently. Space is expensive today, so it is important to get the most out of what you have.

There are so many options with the California Closets line - from finishes and molding to accessories and glass paneling. I often use drawers and shoe cubbies to help my customers more easily store and access their clothing and shoes.

My customers enjoy the increase in value our product adds to their homes as well as the time they save by having organization in their lives to benefit from every day.

They always tell me that they're surprised by two benefits that they didn't expect from a new system. First, they enjoy the custom closet designs which allow them to hang, sort and store their belongings easily. But equally important is the feeling they get from their custom closets. They tell me that they feel great when they enter their closets - knowing that their busy lives are now simpler and more organized and starting their days on a positive note.