Design of the Month Contest Winner: June/July 2013

The June/July 2013 Design of the month winner is pictured above. This month our winning design was the Garage Makeover by Katie Preston: A complete 3 car garage makeover designed in black finish customized to fit the storage needs for a very busy outdoorsy family. This design furnishes a space for sports gear, toys, seasonal storage items, family hobbies and more.

A word from Katie on how the winning Design came together:

"This design was challenging because it was a Father's Day surprise for her husband and so there was a lot of guess work to figure out what he would like. Since there was SO much stuff, it was a bit difficult taking an accurate inventory and creating space for it all."

"But in the end we were able to create a place for EVERY SINGLE THING, including storage for lounge chair and patio seat pads for when the season changed.  My client's husband loved it so much that they asked me to come back and add more!"

~Katie PrestonDesigner

This design won with 103 votes out of 155 total votes! Congratulations designer Katie Preston and her clients Jill & Mike Rauzzino from Englewood, Colorado! To read more about Katie's design style and samples of her work, visit her Designer Profile.

Comments from Katie's Client:

"Katie was very professional and spent plenty of time on design, measurements, etc. She was very good at suggesting certain accessories, options, etc! She really made a great project a big surprise while we were out of town!!!! What a great Father's Day, thank you Katie" 

~Jill Rauzzino, Client 

Think your design has what it takes to win?

Contest Overview: The Design of the Month contest is held on our local Facebook Page every other month. Near the end of the month, we post 3 designs on Facebook that represent the best designs that have been installed that month. Then our Facebook community votes on which design is the best. Think your design has what it takes to win? Email your designer to submit your design into our next contest! A $100 prize is given to both the designer and the Client that wins!