Design of the Month Contest Winner

The Nov/Dec 2012 Design of the month winner is pictured above. This month our winning design was the Home Office & Sewing Room Combo By Kristin Becker. This design is the perfect example of how a California Closet system can re-invent small space and transform it into a multi-purpose work area that doubles as both a home office and a sewing nook.

A word from Kristin on how the winning Design came together:

"My Customer Susan had seen a design of a fold down table she liked.  She needed a place to store her ironing board and iron along with file drawers and a small space for office work.  She had some what of a limited space to work with because of a sofa bed and some tables in the room.  We spent a lot of time going over all the details to make it work exactly as she wanted.  Once it was completed and she put all her things away, it truly was exactly what she needed."

"Our biggest challenge was working with the small space to fit a fully functioning office complete with file drawers and space to work along side a hide-away fold-up table for sewing, storage for sewing supplies and an ironing board. It turned out beautiful and she was more than pleased with the design and finished product."

~Ktistin Becker, DESIGNER


Designer Kristin Becker

This design won with 31 out of 48 votes! Congratulations to Designer Kristin Becker and her Clients Susan & Eric Bogatin from Longmont, Colorado! To read more about Kristin's design style and samples of her work, visit her Designer Profile.

Home Office and Sewing Room Combo
Home Office and Sewing Room Combo
Home Office and Sewing Room Combo

Comments from Kristin's Clients:

"The room we wanted done is quite small (10’x10’)  We even took out a closet to add two feet to one end, but I still didn’t have room for everything I needed, so we called California Closets."

"Now the room works great as both an office and sewing space and because the wall unit is so compact, there’s even room for a twin sofa sleeper for guests in the room.  Even with all the functionality, it doesn’t feel at all crowded."

"Working with our Designer Kristin was great! If she wasn't so patient, I think I would have drove her crazy!  It took almost two months for us to come to a final design, but we both agreed it was a great finish."

"The whole process was a very good experience.  As I said, Kristin was awesome, and Steve, the installer, was very professional. We have already referred California Closets to our family and friends"

~Susan Bogatin
  Longmont, Colorado


Home Office and Sewing Room Combo
Home Office and Sewing Room Combo
Home Office and Sewing Room Combo

Think your design has what it takes to win?

Contest Overview: The Design of the Month contest is held on our local Facebook Page every other month. Near the end of the month, we post 3 designs on Facebook that represent the best designs that have been installed that month. Then our Facebook community votes on which design is the best. Think your design has what it takes to win? Email your designer to submit your design into our next contest!

Prizes: Both the Designer and their Client win a prize if their design is chosen as the Design of the month. This month the prize is $100 cash each to the Client and the Designer that wins.

How to Vote: A voting poll is posted on our California Closets Colorado Facebook Wall, just visit our page to vote on the poll. (The Nov/Dec 2013 poll can be found here)