Design of the Month Contest: Nov/Dec's Winner

The November/December Design of the month winner is pictured above. The Black & Silver Mist Garage With Tag Fusion-Designed by Dan Higbee features every Man's dream garage.

A word from Dan on how the winning Design came together:

 "The biggest challenge for this custom garage design was the garage track and tall ceilings. Our main objective was to create a design that was both versatile and functional in its storage capacity while maintaining clean lines and a cutting edge look. I created a design that provided the desired sleek look with maximum functionality to meet all of my Client's expectations." ~Dan Higbee, Designer


Garage Before

Man's Dream Garage

California Closets Garage System

This custom black & silver mist garage with tag fusion tracks is both versatile and functional in its storage capacity while maintaining clean lines and a cutting edge look. Designed by Dan Higbee. Installed in Vail, Colorado.

Customer Feedback:


This design won with 56 out of 94 votes! Congratulations to Designer Dan Higbee and his Client Becky Burkus! To read more about Dan Higbee's design style and samples of his work, visit his webpage at 

Dan's Client:

The biggest issue with the garage before was that it was totally empty with no storage. We are thrilled that now every tool and outdoor item has a place in the garage.

Our Designer Dan was very responsive and quick to turn things around. He was also very helpful with design solutions. We would definitely refer family and friends to California Closets in the future!

Contest Overview:
The Design of the Month contest is held on our local Facebook Page. During the last week of every month, we post 3 designs on Facebook that represent the best designs that have been installed that month. Then our Facebook community votes on which design is the best.

Both the Designer and their Client win a prize if their design is chosen as the Design of the month. This month the prize is $100 cash each to the Client and the Designer that wins.

How to Vote:
A voting poll is posted on our California Closets Colorado Facebook Wall by the 25th of the month. Just visit our page to vote on the poll. (Nov/Dec's poll can be found here:

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