Wall Beds Cold Spring Harbor

When you need to make room for an extra bed, it can sometimes be difficult. If you are open to being creative with your spatial arrangements then consider working with California Closets to design Cold Spring Harbor wall beds. With Murphy beds, you can have your rooms serve one function during the daytime, and another one during the nighttime.

Make Your Home Great

No matter what functions your rooms are currently serving, you can make them also work as a bedroom.  With Cold Spring Harbor wall beds, you can easily tuck away your bed when it’s not in use, and use that space for what you’d rather have it do during the daytime.  There’s no need to make a bed dominate your room during all times of the day.  You can easily retain your home office, media center or studio for uses other than sleeping.

The first step in creating your Cold Spring Harbor wall beds is a free consultation.  We make it easy to design a unique “roll away” or “fold up” Murphy bed.  Let us take all of the necessary measurements.  Then, once we get a sense of your house’s physical constraints, we’ll put our computer assisted design software to work.

We Take The Time To Construct A Perfect Solution

You can take a look at how your room will transform before the first nail is hammered.  With our sophisticated design software, we enable you to give us feedback about the smallest details.  Only when you are positive that you’ll be happy with the result of your Cold Spring Harbor wall beds will we send out our installation experts to set everything up. In no time at all, you can be the proud owner of Cold Spring Harbor wall beds.  Give us a call, take a tour of our website, or stop by one of our showrooms.  We’ll be happy to give you the help you need.