Custom Closets Coconut Grove

When you schedule a free in home design consultation with California Closets you are initiating an incredible journey of home renovation. We are your partners from the first meeting until the project’s completion. Customers report feeling more empowered, creative, and satisfied throughout the process. Together we will find custom closets for your Coconut Grove home.

The Innovative Process Behind Coconut Grove Custom Closets

At the initial meeting that takes place in your home we can get to know each other so that we can better understand your personality and your goals. We help you identify how a revamped storage space can make your life better.

This meeting includes an assessment of the project’s potential. We look at:

-Wall capacity
-Dimensions of the wall
-Shelving and Hanging Space

These serve as parameters out of which we carve a model for your future Coconut Grove custom closets. The blueprints are a reflection of the uniqueness of your home and the goals you have come up with.

The next step of the process is the customer favorite. We come back after the first meeting to show you the 3D rendering of the project we came up with. You can do a virtual walkthrough of the custom closets to get a true feel for your future Coconut Grove home.

The software we use is sophisticated enough to allow you to experiment with every element of the design. Play with the possibilities in terms of:

-Hardware configuration
-Color and accent
-Shelving and hanging space

You are about ready for your custom closets and your Coconut Grove home will have never looked better.

Speedy and Reliable Installation of your Coconut Grove Custom Closets

Once all the plans are finalized, we manufacture the closets locally. Then we install the custom closets in your Coconut Grove house in less than a day’s time.