Wall Beds Cockeysville

Can you imagine having a home office that can transform into a guest bedroom in minutes? Does the size of your studio apartment deter you from hosting guests? This can all be changed with the help of the California Closets Cockeysville wall beds team! We specialize in custom wall beds that can allow you to have the option of a comfortable bed while also allowing you to utilize your space for all your other needs.

Get the Most Out Of Your Space!

Our Cockeysville wall beds team can install a custom built wall bed that fits your home or apartment perfectly. Our wall beds are easy and completely safe to use. It can get stressful when last minute guests come knocking. Typically, the blow up mattress is pulled out of storage or the living room couch turned into an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. With a wall bed from California Closets Cockeysville, there is no need to stress and your guest can sleep comfortably!

Our wall beds will fit the design on your home so you have a unit that only adds to the warmth and feel of your house. There are many options for wall bed storage including cabinet style doors that leave the beds tucked away into the walls and completely out of view!

Our Cockeysville Wall Bed Company Works With Any Space

We know that everyone has completely unique wants and desires when embarking on a home improvement project. We also know that everyone has a budget that they must stick to! That is why our business is dedicated to providing custom and quality work without breaking your bank! Call California Closets today for your free consultation and see what our team can do for you!