Garage Storage in Cochrane

California Closets knows that Cochrane residents depend on garage storage capability to support their lifestyles. Professionalism and friendly service are the ingredients in the recipe used for a successful relationship of over two decades between the franchise and its customers.

The Garage Storage Cochrane Relies On

The natural beauty surrounding Cochrane has turned the city into a center for outdoor enthusiasts. One can hike, mountain or road bike, kayak, camp, or undertake endless other pursuits.  The significant amount of gear and equipment necessary for any of these activities inevitably gets stored in the garage. Before long, there is no room to park a car, and all the gear turns into clutter.

One does not have to be a hoarder in order to have a messy garage. The garage is seen as a necessary stopgap for everyone’s junk. It does not have to be that way, however. Custom garage storage helps Cochrane residents take back control of their garages. 

No need to let bicycles rust, life vests accrue mold, or ski gear collect dust. No need to lose things or settle for mismatched pairs of gloves. 

California Closets Cochrane can fix a bad garage storage situation. First, it is necessary to get rid of junk and clean it all up. Then the designer helps the customer evaluate their needs and plan different scenarios for the garage. 

There are two main goals for the final product: efficiency and functionality. First, maximizing space in a garage is very important, and is accomplished by installing floor to ceiling shelving or cabinetry and utilizing all over head space. Second, increased functionality comes from personalizing the storage elements (racks, hanging rods, shelves, drawers and closets) for the particular equipment of the customers. 

An Appointment for New Garage Storage in Cochrane

Scheduling a consultations and igniting a home improvement project are easy in Cochran. Start revision better garage storage and an end to clutter.