Custom Cabinets Cochrane

Have you ever peered inside your cabinets in dismay and wondered how they could better store your things so that they were organized and easily accessed? Well, that’s our passion. California Closets has the experience, people, tools and custom cabinet designs to exceed all your desires for the perfect storage system. Cochrane custom cabinets are handcrafted to your specifications and aesthetic sense. You will get a California Closets Cochrane personalized cabinet system; one that is designed and works for you.

30 Years Of Making Cabinets Work

Think about your typical morning. You need to get ready for the rest of your day.  At minimum, you need clothes, and perhaps certain gear and equipment.  Where is it all?  Are you running around trying to find the things you need today as the clock keeps ticking, perhaps putting you in jeopardy of being late for an appointment? No matter how clean and concise you may be, if your cabinets are not properly configured to hold what you need in an orderly fashion, then they’ll be messy and out of control.  There is a solution.  California Closets has been bringing order and beauty to closets for more than 30 years, and we’ll do the same for your Cochrane custom cabinets.

The Balance Between Form And Function

The Cochrane custom cabinets design team takes much pride in delivering a California Closets system that truly strikes that wonderful, but illusive balance between form and function.  At the same time we make your cabinets beautiful, we’ll ensure that they work hard for you too. With Cochrane custom cabinets, everything you place in your closets will be organized, visible, and easily accessible.

A World Of Possibilities One Call Away

California Closets Cochrane can make your custom cabinet dreams become your reality.  Envision however you wish your cabinets to look and work for you, and we’ll make it happen.  The first step is to meet with a Cochrane custom cabinets Designer, free, and at no obligation to you. We look forward to seeing you soon.