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In many traditions and cultures the kitchen is considered the most important room of the house. California Closets will help you design a kitchen that will make you proud, all of the best CNY custom closets are available at our stores and on our website. Sleek surfaces and sophisticated compartments will make your kitchen as manageable as possible—all according to your personalized needs.

Spring is the Time to Invest in CNY Custom Closets

Spring-cleaning is a common practice all over the world. One source for this tradition can be found in Judaism. The Jewish holiday of Passover always falls at the beginning of spring, a time of rebirth and refreshment. Prior to the first day of the week-long holiday, many Jewish families take the time to renew, reorganize and refresh their homes. One of the most important aspects of the practice is eliminating bread from the home.

According to religious tradition, it is forbidden to eat bread during this week in recognition of the plight of Hebrews in the desert during biblical times. Like the ancient Hebrews many commit to eating matsa, which is baked with flour but no leavening resulting in a flat cracker-like food. What does this have to do with CNY custom closets?

To abide by the edict it is necessary to carefully overturn everything in your home and clean your house thoroughly. The kitchen, which is especially likely to contain rogue breadcrumbs, requires extra attention. A kitchen with CNY customs closets will vary in style and arrangement but will always be easy to clean without causing damage to surfaces.

We Guarantee Quality CNY Custom Closets

California Closest stores are locally owned and operated ensuring a benefit to the local economy. We manufacture and assemble custom closets in the CNY area to maintain our extremely high standards of quality.