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Do you have limited closet space? Do you own more clothes than your small closet can handle? Then you’ll be surprised when you see how CNY closets can expand your closet’s capacity. The custom-designed and built closets in CNY maximize the limited space that every closet inherently has. Our designers take every inch of space into account and create closets that are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. The closets meet every individual’s needs and budget. CNY closets also offers a variety of different options for keeping your closets organized

CNY Closets Expand Your Space

For years, CNY Closets has helped people reimagine spaces and discover hidden potential while maintaining balance. Here’s how it works:

First you call or email us to set up a free consultation at your home with an expert design consultant. After assessing your home, the design consultant will help you identify your goals for the space. How is the space currently being used? What frustrates you about it? What changes would you like to see? You and your design consultant at CNY Closets will come up with different options that will address your needs.

Our design consultants will then create a virtual rendering of your closet, allowing you to visualize your space and get a feel for the final product. Visualizing the closets in 3D form also allows you to experiment with different shelving options, colors and configurations.

Once you’ve finalized the design process, CNY closets begins to manufacture the design to the precise measurements of your closet. After the materials have been built, the friendly and experienced installers at CNY arrive at your home in the morning and are done by the afternoon.

Expand Your Closet In No Time

In one day, you can have a brand new closet that you can begin reloading that very same evening—with more room than you would have ever expected.




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