Behind Closet Storage Mumbo Jumbo

There are hundreds of thousands of pages on the internet hawking quick fixes for your closet storage organization problem. Plastic shoe racks, mini-shelving units, hanging towel and sweater organizers bombard your computer screen, but how do you know that this stuff will really get you organized and work for you? The argument for permanent closet storage organization:

Closet Storage Organization the Right Way

Three arguments for investing in custom closet storage organization systems:

  1. Designed to the specs of your space, not factory specs.

Closets come in all shapes and sizes and mass produced shelving bought from your local department store is hit and miss when it comes to working with the space you have. Efficiency is the key when it comes to closet storage organization because you want to utilize every last inch of your closet space to store all your clothes. Custom-designed closet organization systems take every aspect of your closet into consideration, whether you have high ceilings, weird corner angles, walk-in capacity or lighting issues.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing as well as practical

Buying shelves and racks here and there, you risk filling your closet with a mismatch of plastic junk that doesn’t work well together. Some pieces may overlap in function or clutter your closet space unnecessarily because they don’t make sufficient use of wall space or vertical space. In addition, willy-nilly closet storage organization just plain looks bad. A permanent, durable closet storage organization solution offers forethought, planning and a unified vision that mismatched store-bought shelves and bins will not.

  1. Flexible

Ironically, permanent closet storage organization systems are much more flexible than store-bought closet storage organization shelves and furniture. If your wardrobe changes – and everyone’s does – or you want to re-purpose parts of your closet, well-designed closet storage organization systems have adjustable shelves and replaceable hanger rods. Store bought organizers usually only have one purpose and if you need a different solution, you can’t adjust them, you just have to throw them out.

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