Closet Organization Systems - The Low Down

When it comes to choosing closet organization systems to efficiently sort and fit all the clothes in your closet, closet design can be more of a science than you might think. Exact measurements are extremely important if you would like to maximize your space and take care of your belongings.

Will Your Closet Organization Systems Measure Up?

Shelf Width and Depth

  • Closet organization systems can’t just store your clothes. It needs to use every inch of space in your closet. To minimize unused space, each shelf in your closet systems should be 12 inches wide and 14 inches deep. This is the width and depth of a folded sweater. Longer shelves should be in multiples of 12: a 36 inch shelf would hold three stacks of sweaters, for example.

Shelf Height

  • The shelves of your closet organization systems should be no more than eight to ten inches tall. This may not seem like much, but any more would encourage high stacking, which in turn leads to piles of sweaters or t-shirts falling on you as you try to pull one out of the middle of the pile. Eight to ten inches should fit about 3 sweaters in a pile in your closet organization systems.

Eye Level Height

  • Make sure that your closet organization systems have compartments separated into eye level, ground level, and tall levels. This can allow you to put your most frequently used items at eye level in your closet organization systems. Less frequently used items and seasonal items can be placed in the lower or higher spots.

Hanger Depth

  • If your closet organization systems will allow it, shoot for a minimum of 24 inches (two feet) of depth for hanging items. This will prevent suit jackets, dresses and pants from hitting the back wall. Prolonged rubbing against the wall could damage your clothing.

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