When Closet Doors for Bedrooms Hide Catastrophes

Make closet doors that hide a shop-worthy display of clothes

Every home has at least one: the closet that you never open, a black hole of who-knows-what mess and clutter. Beatrice had three: whenever she opened any of her bedrooms' closet doors she wanted only to quickly shut them.

Closet Doors for Bedrooms: Q&A With A Real Mom Expert

Q: You're a mother of one and are part of a successful legal practice here in Atlanta. Sounds like organization should be one of your strengths, yet you had major problems with clutter. Why is that?

A: Because I'm so busy with work and our family obligations, usually organizing at home is that the bottom of my list. We redecorated recently and I found that I'd much rather play games with my son than decide on closet doors for bedrooms.

Q: Yet you've changed your ways. What happened?

A: I opened the closet door in my son's bedroom and almost was buried under a pile of games, clothes, and toys. I won't say that my life flashed before my eyes, but I realized we needed to make some changes. My husband and I were running out of space in our bedroom closet, too – with all of our clothes we couldn't shut the doors anymore.

Q: You love shopping. How did you use that to help your organization?

A: I realized that if I made my bedroom closet doors lead to something that looked like a boutique store, I'd be more likely to keep things organized. We called in some experts to help with design ideas, and I'm thrilled with the results. I have my sweaters stacked, folded, and coordinated by color on shelves that run down the middle. Colored hangers indicate professional or casual wear so I can keep kinds of clothes separate. It's like shopping every time I open my closet door!

Q: Sounds great! Any other advice?

A: Since my husband and I are both professionals, we need a lot of hanging space for suits and other business attire. By actually taking charge of the space, now I can keep things wrinkle free. Best of all, the closet doors for my bedrooms no longer frighten me!

Keeping Things Clutter-Free with Closet Doors for Bedrooms

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