Best Garage Storage for Cleveland Houses

California Closets Cleveland specializes in helping Cleveland area customers rethink their garage storage spaces and implement garage storage solutions that not only meet, but exceed expectations. With over 30 years of serving Northern and Central Ohio, this family-owned franchise is proud to represent the leading brand in garage storage. We offer exemplary customer service, unique garage storage designs, and the very best in garage storage accessories and products.

4 Great Garage Storage Items

1.)  Wall Mounted Racks

Wall mounted racks have become more popular in Cleveland for the same reason that pegboards have been standard in storing tools: flexibility. These, sturdy, installed racks are built to hold hooks, shelves and tool or item-specific racks like for skis, surfboards or shovels. As the items in your garage storage change, you can remove, replace and rearrange hooks and shelves very easily.

2.)  Ceiling Storage and Lofts

Hanging units for tubs and boxes are a great way to store infrequently used items out of the way in a space-efficient way. Options for ceiling storage in your garage storage system run from wooden lofts to pulley systems, and should be planned in consultation with a California Closets Cleveland expert.

3.)  Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Although slightly less efficient and flexible than other options, wall-mounted cabinets are more pleasing to the eye than rows of junk boxes or dirty tools. They also do a much better job protecting your items from the elements, light, and Cleveland's many insects.

4.)  Shelves

One of the most simple garage storage solutions for your Cleveland garage is wall shelving units. Shelves offer easy accessibility and, depending on what type of box or tub storage you use, make it very easy to visually take stock of what you have in our garage and where it is located.

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