Cleveland Closet Organizers

At California Closets Cleveland, we believe that closet organizers can be the difference between an "okay" closet and an excellent one. We have over three decades of experience serving customers in Northern and Central Ohio, and we are very much in tune with the particular needs of Cleveland area homeowners.

Closet Organizers for Every Type of Closet

There's more to closet organizers than simply labels on sweater boxes in your clothes closet. Because California Closets closet organizers span every storage space in your Cleveland home -- from the kitchen pantry to the home office -- we offer a wide variety of closet organizers, to suit every need.

Here are a few closet organizer tips, for a few different areas of your house:

Kitchen Closet Organizers: The Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is one of our favorite type of closet organizers. What is a lazy Susan? It is a set of corner cabinets on which the shelves are mounted on a vertical axle such that items may be retrieved by pushing on the shelves to turn them. When closed, it appears to be two normal cabinets at right angles to each other. When pushed on, the cabinet ""doors"" reveal the shelves, which are circular except for the ninety degree cutout where the doors are mounted. It is perfect for storing tupperware and spices, or anything for which you require frequent, easy access to all of the contents of the cabinet.

Craft Room Closet Organizers: The See-Through Bins

After you've taken all of your craft items and categorized them into two piles -- tools you use the most often, and those you can put aside -- put everything in the latter category inside of something (drawer, cabinet) and all in the former should be placed inside of something see-through. Clear containers and eye-level shelving are the best craft room closet organizers, because remember, if you can't see it, you probably won't ever use it again!

Home Office Closet Organizers: Papers, Papers Everywhere

Having a dedicated space within your home office to stack away files and paperwork is a great option to keep your work area neat. Your California Closets Cleveland design consultant will help you select the best home office system that will accommodate all of your loose papers and successfully organize them. With accessories like maple correspondence organizers and white wire sliding baskets for irregularly shaped items, you can't go wrong!

Local Knowledge, National Brand

California Closets Cleveland is a family-owned and operated franchise. We are proud to represent the leading brand in closet organizers, and also to be able to leverage our local expertise to provide the very best closet organizers for your Cleveland home.