In Cleveland Closet Design, Looks Matter

Although people may not have to walk through your closet to get to your living room, it's still important that your closet is designed well and looks good. Your closet design should be pleasing to the eye, and add to the overall aesthetic of your Cleveland home.

5 Basic Concepts for Great Closet Design

1.)  Lighting

You don’t necessarily need flood lights to illuminate your shoes, but your Cleveland closet design should take lighting into account. Whether this means incorporating natural light or light from outside the closet, or installing lights in the closet ceiling or shelves, being able to see the clothes you store is very important to your closets design. You wouldn’t want to pick out the ingredients to your dinner in a dark kitchen, right?

2.)  Spacing

Clothes take up so much room in your closet that they are also part of your closets design. Avoid over-stacking clothes or trying to stuff too many hangers on a hanger rod. Not only does it make it difficult to access and find clothes, it makes your closet design feel cluttered and cramped.

3.)  Design Consistency

Whether your Cleveland closet design incorporates a wire system, wooden shelves or aluminum racks, having a consistent closet design will always be more aesthetically pleasing.

4.)  Design Theories

If you are designing a custom closet storage system, consider some of the elements of design theory. Make sure that your closet’s design incorporates balance, proportion and a good rhythm. Your California Closets Cleveland design consultant will be able to help you with this, showing you the ways that these elements can work together.

5.)  Practicality

No closet, no matter how beautiful, is worth its salt if it doesn’t efficiently and effectively store your clothes. While keeping your closet design concepts in mind, don’t sacrifice practicality for beauty. Your closet design should suit your busy Cleveland life.

Great Closet Design from California Closets Cleveland

At California Closets, our years of experience understanding and defining space allow for unparalleled expertise. Our name means quality, craftsmanship, innovation, and impeccable execution. Contact us today for a free in-home closet design consultation.