Wall Beds Clearwater

It's a problem we've all seen before--family are coming to visit, and after a long day of fun and reminiscing, you as the host are left to find comfortable places for people to sleep. Should you have a guest room, you've got a mattress waiting, but what about when it's not in use? Mattresses require a considerable space commitment, leaving you out of luck if you'd like to use the room when not in use. Wall beds Clearwater from California Closets relieve you of both of these issues, as they fold up conveniently to keep your spare room versatile while promising a comfortable night's sleep for your guests when unfurled.

The Promise Of Rest With Wall Beds Clearwater

Toss Out The Old

Air beds promise convenience; spare mattresses promise a quick solution--but neither promise comfort. Air beds have the propensity to pop in the middle of the night, leaving its user on a rubber sheet, while spare mattresses are difficult and cumbersome to maneuver through your home. Wall beds Clearwater fold out from a closet system quickly and easily via a fold down or roll out method. This simple function can be performed by anyone, ensuring that a comfortable bed is just seconds away from use!

Covered by Organization

When not in use, your wall beds Clearwater tuck neatly into a closet system, meaning that even when they aren't acting as a comfortable bed, they're serving your home positively. Equipped with space-saving additions like shelves, drawers, cabinets, and hanger rods, your wall beds Clearwater will keep the surrounding areas clean, leaving you with space to do some yoga, work on crafts, or finish paying bills. The exteriors are completely styled to your liking as well, with wood grains, hardware, and color all determined by you!

Get Your Very Own Wall Beds Clearwater

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