Wall Beds Clayton

As rent and mortgage rates continue to rise, it is becoming more essential to use space in your home as wisely as possible. In small residences, this becomes even more important. An innovative and stylish way to get the ultimate bang for your buck in your home is to install Clayton wall beds from California Closets.

Clayton Wall Beds: Style and Space

Wall Bed Magic

Watching your bed disappear into your wall adds delight and style to an otherwise ordinary bedroom. With a special mechanism to raise your bed out of sight, Clayton wall beds can add a new element of style to your home that is rarely seen in a domestic setting. Previously reserved for hotels and resorts, you can now bring home your very own chic wall bed.

Extra Floor Space in Your Home

Aside from added style, your home will also gain new storage opportunities. With your bed out of the way you will be free to utilize the extra square footage for whatever activity you like. Perhaps you could skip the cold run to the gym and do your very own home exercises. Alternatively, you could move the Clayton wall bed to have a dynamic study setup that lets a cramped desk move to the middle of the room for a spacious home office. Opportunities abound with Clayton wall beds.

Your Bed Out Of The Way

Your bedroom can now be a whatever-you-want room. With the opportunity to move your bed out of the way, your room can serve a variety of purposes during the day while maintaining its status as a sleep sanctuary for the night. The professionals at California Closets can help you set up one of our Clayton wall beds and bring with it new opportunities to your bedroom.