Garage Storage Clayton

Make your garage more than just a carport with Clayton garage storage from California Closets. Now you can enhance your home environment by placing your lesser-used items away into neatly arranged and purposeful storage units in your garage. We want to help you custom create the garage of your dreams using shelves, peg-boards, hobby and sports item racks, cupboards, tool shelves, workspaces and more!

Make Your Garage a High Quality Room With Garage Storage Clayton

The Garage Is Fully Usable

Now, make the garage another livable room in the house by building workspaces with multiple surfaces and tool storage areas.  Maybe you paint, and want an art space with brushes, palettes, paint, and easel areas.  Or, if music is your thing, you need a home studio complete with a safe space for your recording and audio equipment and your musical instruments.  With Clayton garage storage, the possibilities are endless – we are merely here to facilitate your creative ideas for your dream garage!

Only The Finest

The days of the garage being the junk storage space are over, so its only right your storage should be built using the finest and most long-lasting materials.  We use locally sourced, high grade materials whose durability will ensure that your dream garage will last a lifetime.  Through the harsh winter months to the summer swelter, your tools and sports equipment will stay intact.

Clayton Garage Storage: The Elegant Choice

Imagine driving your car into a garage, seeing bold lines and colors, equipment neatly organized and mounted--modern simplicity at its finest.  Garage storage Clayton units allow you to actualize this dream. With a number of different style options, material types, and colors to choose from, as well as layouts customized to fit all your storage needs, you will retain the use of your garage while it carries the eloquence of a living room.