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Tired of store-bought storage solutions that just don’t do the trick? California Closets Clayton units are custom made to best utilize your existing closet space, creating storage solutions that go above and beyond your expectations. It’s never too late to transform your home into the best version of itself, so you can be proud of the space you live in.

Clayton Closets For The Family

As your family grows, your organizational needs will change. But with Clayton closets, versatile closet design will meet your family’s changing needs even as the years go by. With detailed storage solutions, from shelving and cabinetry to hanging solutions and even garage storage, there is a place for everything that needs storing in your home that will be easily accessible and well-categorized.

Clayton closets are a great tool to begin teaching kids how to clean up after themselves and stay organized, because they are so user-friendly and smartly designed. And even as kids begin activities that require bulky equipment, such as football or camping, Clayton closets maximize the storage space in your home, creating space you didn’t realize you had for those bulky items that are difficult to store. As your home becomes the tidy and beautiful place you want it to be, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing after all these years of lackluster storage space.

California Closets Clayton Does The Trick

With a free in-home consultation, there’s no reason not to call today to learn more about how to install your Clayton closets. Soon you will enjoy the benefits of a better organized home. You and your family will appreciate the new ease with which you can keep everything in place, so you can all enjoy the precious time you have to spend with one another. Call California Closets today!



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