Closet Organizers Clarkston

Most people who come to California Closets have something in common—they have very busy lifestyles. When you’re constantly on the go, finding that perfect shirt to wear that day becomes an aggravating task. That’s why we design practical closets that make it easier for our customers to stay organized while on the go.

Make Your Clarkston Closet Accessible

These are some ways to get the most use out of your closet:

1) Arrange clothes according to frequency of use

When designing your closet, think of what clothing you use most often. Then figure out if those items best fit into drawers, shelves or baskets, and what amount of space they would occupy. These should be placed in the most accessible part of your closet such as at eye level or closest to your closet’s entrance.

2) Separate your items

A huge issue that breeds a messy closet is a lack of dividers. It is easy to lose different items of clothing when they are all jumbled into the same mess. That’s why Clarkston Closet Organizers offers a variety of ways to keep your items separated from each other. Keep your socks separated from your underwear with drawer dividers, for example. Dividers are one of the most efficient ways to stay organized with your new closet.

3) Lighting

Although it seems obvious, one of the most overlooked aspects of a closet is its lighting. What would be the point of an organized closet if you can’t see what you want to pick out to wear? At California Closets, we help you determine the best amount of lighting for your closet, either natural or installed.

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