Closet Design Clarkston

Have you ever been interested in designing your own project? Well here at California Closets, we provide you with the opportunity to design your own personal closet that meets your specific needs and lifestyle. With the help of our experienced designers, you will be able to choose from a myriad of options, allowing you to create a personal space that’s just right for you.

All the Possibilities

We offer a tremendous amount of options that will allow you to customize your closet to fit your wardrobe and lifestyle. Here are a few main customizable options you will encounter:

Choose Your Basic Build

One of the most basic, yet important decisions you will make in the design process is the amount and size of drawers, shelves and hanging poles you would like. When making this decision, it is most important to consider how your wardrobe might fit into these spaces. For example, thick sweaters fit well into deep drawers. Items you want to be visible should be placed on shelves. Thinking about the characteristics of your wardrobe will help you with the design structure.


California Closets is known for providing its customers with unique and fun options for accessorizing. These options provide the miscellaneous items in your closet with a place they belong and allow you to stay organized. You can choose from scarf and tie racks to shoe poles and jewelry drawers. Again, choose according to your wardrobe and organizational style.

So Many Perks

The obvious benefit of designing your own customizable closet is the fact that it suits your own personal needs and lifestyle. What is not so obvious is the added perk of staying organized. California Closets prides itself not only in providing people with sophisticated closets, but also imparting them with a more organized and stress-free lifestyle.