Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Cincinnati

Sometimes the best way to keep organized is to tuck everything away and make space. Breathing room is the key to getting organized and making an environment look tidy. This is exactly the thinking behind California Closets emphasis on wall beds and Murphy beds for Cincinnati homes.

The Uses of Wall Beds and Murphy Beds Cincinnati

The idea behind Cincinnati Murphy beds and wall beds is simple and does not require much in the way of explanation. It is a system by which the mattress and box spring can seamlessly be tucked into a wall. It is such an elegant space-saving solution that it is surprising that some Cincinnati homes don't have wall beds and Murphy beds. Perhaps it is the right time to expound on the virtues and possible applications of such devices.

The Guest Bedroom

Maybe your home has an extra room. Dad wants it as an office and Mom could use an art room. Everyone would like to make a claim on it. At the same time, you also want to be able to host guests. In a situation like this when you need the bed only some of the time, a perfect compromise is getting a wall bed or Murphy bed for your Cincinnati home.

The Children’s Room

As your child grows his or her needs will evolve. They might need extra space for school projects or to play with friends. When they are teenagers, having a bed that folds into the wall will simply makes them cool.

The College Student’s Studio

College students are usually bogged down in small dorms rooms or shared rooms. The best antidote to a crowded room is a wall bed.

Cincinnati Wall Beds and Murphy Beds Are Here For You

Don’t think that wall beds and Murphy beds are only for someone else in Cincinnati. You too can use this amazing contraption, and all it takes is a simple phone call to California Closets!