Garage Storage Solutions for Cincinnati Residents

How is your garage looking right now? If it looks cluttered and disorganized - you are not alone. A recent survey by the National Housing Institution found that 50% of American home owners name their garage as the most disorganized space in their home. Transform your garage today with amazing garage storage solutions from California Closets Cincinnati. Our experience, dedication to service, and unmatched product makes us the true leader in custom closets and garage storage solutions in the Midwest.

Why Choose California Closets for Garage Storage?

Transform your garage from a cluttered heap to an organized, functional space that you will be proud to show the neighbors.

Start your garage storage transformation today with some tips from the garage organization experts at California Closets Cincinnati.

- You hold onto many items in your garage because you know - one day you will need it. The problem is there may be so many of these 'one day' items that when the day comes that you want to use it, you can't find it as it is hidden behind all those other items. It's easy to let your garage become cluttered with items you don't use. The first step is to have a good clean out. Try putting a tag on your items and when you use them take the tag off - after 6 months throw out any items that still have a tag. If you find it hard to throw out some items in the trash - why not donate them to your nearest Goodwill.

- Once you have thrown out the items you no longer use, look through everything and start to group the items into categories either by the type of item (cleaning products, sporting gear) and / or by their season (winter, summer, Christmas). Place smaller items in boxes and use labels to help identify your items when you need them next.

- Now it's time to think about garage storage. You want your items to be safe and secure, but also visible and accesible so they are easily available when you need them. Drop into California Closets Cincinnati and talk to one of the instore designers about your specific items and garage space. They have an amazing range of garage storage systems and custom organizers that will optimize every inch of your garage.

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