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Welcome to California Closets Chilliwack

If your home seems to need something to boost and re-energize its life, maybe you should consider products from California Closets Chilliwack.  Not only will it help you clean and organize your home, but it will ensure that it stays that way!

A Few Steps to Perfection

California Closets Chilliwack closets are the closets you've been dreaming of.  Literally, explain to us how your perfect closet appears in your dreams and we will try our best to put it down on our paper through blueprints, and put up in your home in a beautiful new unit.  Our process is a simple three steps to perfection:

First you sit down with one of our consultants and discuss the needs of your home, including the storage limitations and usual clutter buildups.  We use that information to analyze how your home can best use your new Chilliwack closets.  We take measurements and draw these up into a basic outline to take to the next step.

Next, you work with this consultant through a detailed customization process which will be a series of Q&A and selections.  This is the fun part, when you get to choose style elements, as well as functional pieces of how your closet will be organized.  This ensures that your Chilliwack closet will truly be your closet.

Lastly, we ship all the parts to you from a local manufacturer.  The parts are of the highest grade quality, and do not travel far to ensure their pristine and fresh condition.  Our builders come soon after and install the Chilliwack closet using the shipped parts, answering any questions along the way with a smile.

Almost There...

Your new Chilliwack closet is a few steps away from perfection.  Call us today to get a consultation for a new organizer.




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