Wall Beds Chicago

There’s nothing that can match the ability of Chicago wall beds to bring welcomed utility to nearly any room in your home by transforming it into a guest bedroom when needed. Why ask your overnight guests to endure sleepless nights on your couch, or some dusty blow-up air mattress, when can you dazzle them with a beautiful looking, blissfully comfortable wall bed made by California Closets Chicago?

Chicago Wall Beds Have The Latest Technology

If your conception of a wall bed is some massive piece of furniture within which is embedded a lumpy bed that takes a strongman to extract, then you haven’t seen Chicago wall beds.  Chicago wall beds are artfully designed and built by California Closets, the preeminent provider of novel storage solutions for more than thirty years.  Our designs incorporate the latest technology in light but sturdy bed framing, and effortless fold-in and extraction.  This is matched by the highest quality wood, finish and hardware. The result is Chicago wall beds that will bring delight to you and your guests, not to mention enable a wonderful night's sleep.

Make Your Room Do More

Most homes don’t have a special guest bedroom, but they may have an entertainment room, den, home office, or even the living room where there’s room for California Closets Chicago wall bed.  With Chicago wall beds, you can use any room that it’s in as you typically do during the day, and at night the room becomes the spare guest bedroom that offers your overnight guests a comfortable night’s rest.  There’s no smarter solution to accommodate your overnight guests than Chicago wall beds.

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Given that Chicago wall beds offer your guests an elegant and comfortable solution for getting the rest they need while staying overnight at your home, shouldn’t you learn more about what California Closets Chicago can offer you?  Simply call us for a free, no-obligation consultation now.