Murphy Beds Lombard

As the years go by, it’s easy to lose touch with old friends and relatives when they live far away. Without the convenience of living in the same town, providing accommodations for old friends or family to come for a visit can be difficult without the luxury of a spare bedroom...unless you have murphy beds Lombard by California Closets! Murphy beds Lombard are the easy solution to spare sleeping accommodations for your overnight guests! When you don’t have space to spare for an extra bedroom, murphy beds Lombard are the perfect compromise. By simply folding out of the wall when needed, you and your old friends can relive the old memories by day and get a comfortable and easy night’s rest by night!

Murphy Beds Lombard: The Sleeping Solution You And Your Guest Will Love

Convenient For You

Unlike other spare sleeping solutions, you don’t have to lug murphy beds Lombard out of storage or spend time figuring out how to put air in it. By using a simple pull-down or pull-out method, murphy beds Lombard comes out of the wall when needed and fold away when not in use. Without the commitment of having an entire bed, you can use your space for more functional uses like a home office, media room, or gym.

Comfortable For Your Guest

Murphy beds Lombard are the sleeping solutions your guests will love. Get the comfort of a real bed without wasting all the space. Murphy beds Lombard are completely customizable so they can fit anywhere in your home, making it easy for your guest to get a good night’s sleep no matter the dimensions of your space.

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