Custom Closets for Chicago Homes

Looking for custom closets for your Chicago home? California Closets Chicago specializes in creating beautiful luxury custom closets for your home or business. From traditional bedroom custom closets to custom closets for nurseries, kids rooms, offices, and garages, California Closets Chicago will work with you to create a distinctive, pragmatic solution that is perfectly crafted to fit your unique storage and usability needs.

3 Reasons To Use Custom Closets

A closet customized to your space can add organizational and storage capacity to your life. Custom closets are also visually appealing, and can really add to your overall home aesthetic.

Here are more, specific reasons:

1. Saves Time With Better Accessibility
Instead of spending each morning shifting through piles of clothes or searching for a suit the fell behind its hanger, you could calmly flip through well organized rows and drawers containing everything you need. Putting things away will also take less time when every item you own has a place.

2. A Place for Everything... So Nothing Lost!
Because custom closets are designed to hold exactly what you own -- whether it’s a lot of shoes, bowties, scarves, hats or blouses -- in highly organized sets of drawers, cabinets, shelves, and hooks, you’ll never have to rampage through a closet looking for a lost skirt again.

3. Custom Closet are All Sizes
You don’t need a giant walk-in closet, or even a walk-in closet at all, to take advantage of custom closets. Custom closets can be designed to fit into any space -- both walk-in and reach-in.