Closet Design Chicago

In Chicago, quality custom closet design is synonymous with California Closets. Don’t be mistaken by the name – this is a franchise that has been locally owned and operated since 1987. With 25 years of work in your community, the franchise has developed a deep understanding of the organizational needs of local customers. The design process is personal and hands on--the Chicago way.

Hands-on Closet Design Chicago

The first step in the closet design process happens when you schedule a complimentary consultation with California Closets. They send an experienced designer to meet you in your house.

There are several goals for the first consultation, foremost among them, is to create a working relationship with you. When you develop a rapport and a common language the designer can help you sharpen your vision for the project. It is important to understand how the current design falls short and then to flush out exactly what your organizational needs are. Once you share a vision with your designer they can get to work on the assessing the storage space. What is wall capacity? What is the potential for hanging space? Shelving space?

Together you will work out all the different scenarios that are possible within the physical parameters.

The next step is a crowd favorite. The closet design Chicago goes digital. Using advanced computer software, the designer crafts a three-dimensional rendering of the project. Then you can virtually walk-through the space and make adjustments to the closet design. Chicago residents love this freedom to be their own designer. 

Zero Intrusion Chicago Closet Design Installation

Once the local factory produces your custom Chicago closet design, you are ready for installation. The technicians work professionally, finishing the job quickly and efficiently.