Susan Newman, Design Consultant

I have been with California for 8 years. As a satisfied customer of California Closets, it is easy for me to consult with clients about the benefits of having a closet system. I really like the product and its features. And I like working for a company that is the leader and innovator in the industry.

With so many repeat clients, I have the opportunity to help people during life transitions. They may be downsizing, preparing for a new baby, making room for a new partner who is moving into the home, or re-creating a room when an adult child leaves the home.

I always strive to make my clients comfortable with the process of designing and installing a California Closet. They know I am not trying to push a product; instead, we are working in collaboration to create the perfect space in their home.

I want every job to be successful. And that means the customer is happy with the design, the installer experience, and the essential administrative aspects of the project.