Maureen McManamen - Design Consultant


Southwest Chicago Suburbs

My name is Maureen McManamen and I started with California Closets in 1997 after spotting a "Help Wanted" sign while driving by a new showroom in downtown Naperville. I had always loved organization, found the product appealing and thought, "Why not?" I pulled over to fill out an application and that day changed my career path.

It proved to be a good fit because I quickly went from working in the showroom to working as a designer and was even able to put my teaching background to work training some of the new designers over the years.

My favorite part of the job is the customers I work with -- they are what make each job different, challenging and fun. Whether it is a brand new customer or a returning one, I enjoy working with each person lo develop the vision they have for their home. I like to think of each space as a puzzle to be solved. It's fun to gather the needs and wants from my customers, combined with their unique space, to try to find the right balance of organization, function and style. Some puzzles fit together perfectly from the start, others take a bit of work, but the end result is always gratifying.

I've lived with California Closets in my homes over the years and know what a difference they've made for me and my family. Having an organized home helps make life simpler, less hurried, less stressed. It gives me pleasure knowing that I'm helping my customers achieve a small sense of order and a little bit of calmness in the midst of their very busy lives.