Wall Beds Chesterfield

Having an extra bed can always come in handy. For many, this has long meant either having a guest room or inflating a back-pain-inducing air mattress. Neither solution is exactly attainable or ideal for everyone. At California Closets Chesterfield, we have the perfect addition to your home that will make any room in the house an instant guest room: Chesterfield wall beds. Whether you are short on space or want to seamlessly transform a room into sleeping quarters in an instant, Chesterfield wall beds are the ideal solution.

Take it Easy with Chesterfield Wall Beds

Not everyone has an overabundance of space in their home, but everyone has the need for a bed. Chesterfield wall beds are the perfect solution for a variety of scenarios and home layouts. Here are some of the advantages of a Chesterfield wall bed.

Instant Guest Room

There’s no need to dedicate an entire room just for guests. With Chesterfield wall beds, any room you choose in which to install it instantly becomes a temporary guest room. Gone are the days of tugging a fold-up mattress out of a stubborn couch. The simple system allows anyone to pull easily pull down and fold the Chesterfield wall bed up at a moment’s notice.

Space Saver

Do you have a room you spend a lot of time in and don’t want a bed taking up all of your space? Home offices, studios, children’s rooms or workspaces can all double as a sleeping place with Chesterfield wall beds. While the room can function as a play space, art studio or project room during the day, simply moving a few things around and pulling down a Chesterfield wall bed can make the room extremely versatile. Take a rest in between projects, transform the nature of the room at night, or, at long last, end the battle of nagging kids about making their beds. Chesterfield wall beds enhance existing small spaces with the gift of a place to rest.

Master of Disguise

Chesterfield wall beds are designed to have a flawless face when not in use. With a wide selection of materials, colors, wood grains and geometric designs, your Chesterfield wall bed will blend seamlessly behind an artfully designed wall. On first glance, no one will know that a great night’s sleep is waiting right behind the wall!

Create A Multipurpose Room with Chesterfield Wall Beds

Make your dream and dreaming a reality with California Closets Chesterfield wall beds! Transform any room into a place to catch some z’s with our innovative designs. Call California Closets today!