Garage Storage Chesterfield

When plastic bins and wooden crates are not enough to house the bulky items in your garage, it’s time to call on California Closets to help you re-imagine the way that your Chesterfield garage storage looks and feels.

Chesterfield Garage Storage Solutions

There are lots of reasons why folks tend to avoid looking into the sometimes hectic mess that is your garage.  One of those reasons is that often times we see garages to be the best place to store memorabilia that we are not currently displaying in our homes.  Unfortunately, storing delicate items in moving boxes is not a lasting way to keep old photos, books, or anything else that is dated.  One of our Chesterfield garage storage solutions is finding better ways to store these items: such as using airtight storage bins that protect against the weather infinitely more than a cardboard box.

It is also often frustrating to walk through your garage when you can’t seem to find the floor.  This is usually attributed to the amount of bulk items that you put in your Chesterfield garage storage.  Whether it’s skies, skateboards, sports equipment, weights, or anything else, these items take up a fair amount of space and are not usually stored properly.  Chesterfield garage storage from California Closets can help you solve this problem by building systems above ground to store bulky, seasonal items.  Having your snow equipment in hanging racks on the wall, storing bins in overhead storage racks, suspending your bikes from the ceiling are other ways, as well.  These are quick and easy Chesterfield garage storage solutions that will make a world of difference when it comes to having enough floor space in your garage to park your car! Imagine that!

Chesterfield Garage Storage For You

Whatever your needs are, Chesterfield garage storage systems from California Closets are here to help you get organized! Call today for your free, in-home design consultation.