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Welcome to California Closets Chester

Staying organized is not easy. Life is busy, and a busy life creates clutter. But the solution to clutter is never ""I just need to get rid of everthing"". The solution is to optimize your space with smart storage solutions.

No matter how conscious you are about staying organized, your space will end up cluttered if the storage design is flawed. California Closets Chester knows this, and that’s why we design smart, reliable, and practical closets that will help keep you organized.

Chester Closets Catered to Your Needs

The key to organizing your clothes is to first organize the space you put them in.

Here are some tips from California Closets Chester to help you organize your closet:

Reserve A Space For Every Item

All your items need to have an allocated place in your closet. If they don't they will soon turn into unidentifiable piles and you will have to pull everything out to find what you are looking for.

California Closets Chester offers innovative organizers for storing clothes that will optimize your space. We offer customizable accessories such as jewelry holders, drawer dividers, hooks and shoe rods that are made to store miscellaneous items that would otherwise take up too much space.

Don’t Waste Space

Make sure you utilize all the spaces in your closet. The vertical space up high is typically underused in Chester homes. Even the leftover space between the highest shelf and the ceiling can be utilized for storage. 

Think About the Future

Think ahead when you design your closet. You want to design enough drawers and shelving to fit your current wardrobe, and also leave enough leftover space for your clothes to be moved around in different areas of your closet. It is also important to consider the additional clothes you will be adding to your wardrobe in the future.

Chester Closets Are Made for You

Calfornia Closets is here to help you design a closet that caters to your lifestyle and preferences. We can custom make a closet system to fit any space and house any items. We look forward to helping you achieve your closet dream!



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