Custom Closets Chatham

If you’re seeking to find a piece of that inner creativity AND looking for a home improvement project you can finish, you have come to the right place. California Closets is your Chatham custom closets retailer and we come prepared to give you the closets of your dreams.

Chatham Custom Closets: Design And Implement

Home improvement projects are tough, especially when you want to have your hands in every cookie jar.  It’s hard doing it all by yourself, and it’s also hard working alongside contractors and designers!  So here’s the proposal of a lifetime.  Imagine a place where you can choose piece by piece how you want your closets to look, and we’ll install them swiftly and affordably!

Here’s how it works: You first must call to schedule your free, in-home design consultation.  That’s right, it’s free. One of our associates will swing by your house and do a walk through with you so you’ll have plenty of time to vent and talk about your storage dissatisfactions.  Once that’s over, the designer and you will begin to create a blueprint for the Chatham custom closets you want in your home. This can be anything from your bedroom walk-in to your kitchen pantry; from your media center, to your home office; and so much more. 

This is the part where you get to let your creative juices flow.  Your Chatham custom closets can be integral to the design and style of your home.  Use them to incorporate a pre-existing design, or create a new feel altogether.  The options are endless.  Online you will find all of the design accents, finishes, styles, and storage options that you could possible imagine.

Your Chatham Custom Closets

Piece by piece we will then begin putting your dream Chatham custom closets together, so that you don’t have to.  You’ve got the design in mind, and we have the tools to help you get there.  So call today!