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California Closets Charlotte is the go-to place for custom closets and personalized storage systems in the Charlotte area. For well over a decade, we have been providing Charlotte residents the premium service that comes standard with the California Closets name. Our dedication to quality products, our competitive prices and our deep knowledge of the unique storage problems in Charlotte homes means we offer a product that you will not find nowhere else. If you are searching for a partner to help you design and create a beautiful and distinctive custom closets or other storage systems personalized to your home, California Closets Charlotte is here to offer expert service at every stage of the process from expert design to seamless installation.

Five Custom Closet Myths – Busted!

A beautiful closet that is open accessible has a truly luxurious feel to it. Imagine walking into your perfect closet space – your beautiful clothes are on display – and you feel like ‘you’ve made it’. At California Closets Charlotte we are very aware that a custom closet might feel like a luxurious feature that not everyone can have. But did you know that any space in your home can be transformed into a beautiful closet space for a lot less than you think? Allow us to dispell some of the common custom closet myths that are out there today.

Myth: Custom closets are only for rich women with lots of designer clothes and shoes and celebrities who have their homes photographed for magazines.
The Truth: Anyone with a closet space (both reach-in and walk-in) can redesign that space to ensure every inch is optomized. You don’t need to have 250 shoes or 500 shirts to need a little home closet organization, and that’s what custom closets are all about: organization. Also, who said you need to be a celebrity to have a beautiful custom closet that you are proud of?

Myth: My custom closets will have to look like everyone else’s or I’m doing something wrong.
The Truth: Every person has different tastes, styles and closet spaces. The whole point of custom closets is that they can be personalized to fit your space and your storage needs. A solution that works for your best friend or neighbor might not necessarily work for you. Give some thought about what your needs are for the successful design of custom closets.

Myth: Getting custom closets installed will be expensive.
The Truth: Custom closets and other home storage solutions run the gamut price-wise, but there is definitely a variety of very affordable permanent and non-permanent options to get your home closet organized in a way that corresponds to your unique needs.

Myth: Super organized custom closets are only for people with OCD.
The Truth: You may not label your underwear with the days of the week or put your jeans in chronological order of when you bought them, but you still deserve to be able to find your clothes when you’re looking for them. Well-organized custom closets can definitely make getting dressed in the morning a much easier task, and there’s nothing bad about that.

Myth: Once you’ve had your custom closets designed and installed, that’s it. There’s no going back.
The Truth: Even most permanent custom closet solutions have adjustable shelves and flexibility to change as your wardrobe changes. Don’t be scared, take the plunge!

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